Saturday, December 9, 2017

Memorable Trash Patrol # 5

Looking back over the past ten years and more than 1100 posts of this blog I've put together a compilation of my most memorable experiences and called it "My Trashpaddlin' Days".  Of the many encounters I've had with wildlife while trashpaddling, one in particular was my hands-down favorite.
It occurred on a quiet Sunday morning in October of 2009.  I was paddling upstream on the Assabet River in Concord, MA and had just passed beneath the Route 2 bridge near the Concord Reformatory.  Looking ahead I saw in the distance an animal so unlikely to be seen around these parts that I felt surprise and disbelief simultaneously.  As I slowly paddled closer those feelings were soon replaced with exhilaration as the encounter took on a mano a mano character.

Herewith the post:


Anonymous said...

Great story. That was before I came to know you so I didn't know about that. Don't know if I told you about my moose trek last year in NH. It's here:
As we prove with our headlings, great minds think alike.
Hope your winter's going well.

Al said...

Hi Ron, Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for letting me know about your encounter. Looks like your moose was a classic Bullwinkle. Great photos of the herons, kingfisher, loons and pitcher plant. That's a spot I hope to paddle someday. Imagine you're back in Florida by now. Today I started my 100 days till spring countdown. Ugh.

Jim Davidson said...

Thanks for these great stories. Its great that a moose has been spotted once in West Concord. And thanks for picking up so much trash along the wonderful rivers. I grew up in West Concord and spent a lot of time on Warner's Pond, Nashoba Brook, Assabet River, etc. I too pick up trash whenever I am in the wilderness. - Jim Davidson

Al said...

Hello Jim, Always good to hear from a fellow trash picker and glad you enjoyed the post.