Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Memorable Trash Patrol # 1

My most memorable trash patrol of the past 10 years happened on a spectacular Sunday in June 2014.  Paddling that day with friends visiting from out of town we were seeing an old seaport from perhaps its best possible vantage point...the water.  I believe we all came away from the experience believing the port could never have looked better than it did that day.  The post from that Sunday in June is here.

While I'm mentioning my all time favorite post I should also acknowledge the apparent favorite of those who've visited this blog according to Google's stats. Like my favorite, it was also a coastal paddle in the month of June.  The day was a scorcha'. A fitting post for a cold day in December is here.


Erik Eckilson said...

Quite a history Al - thanks. Hope your shoulder is feeing better. Also hope this cold goes away.

Happy New Year.

Al said...

Thanks Erik, glad you enjoyed it. I agree on the cold...way too much of it for my liking. Only good thing is that shoulder is getting a prolonged rest. I'm beginning to wonder if paddling single-blade might be easier on one's shoulder than paddling double-blade.
Enjoyed your "Too Many Boats?" video on "Open Boat,Moving Water-A Paddler's Journal".