Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bogastow's Breeze

I'd just paddled up Bogastow Brook into South End Pond from the Charles River yesterday afternoon.  There, facing into a warm almost summer-like breeze, I looked across a still mostly iced-over pond (photo at left).  It was surreal.  What my eyes were seeing didn't agree at all with what my other senses were experiencing.  It was almost like being seasick, but pleasantly so. I'd later find that Boston set an all-time record for the warmest day in February with a high temperature of 73 degrees F.

I'd launched into the Charles River from Old Bridge Street (off West St.) in Medfield and shortly passed under this old wooden railroad trestle...
 ...where a fair amount of trash was encountered just downstream.

Two canoeists passed by in a tandem and were later encountered in Bogastow Brook as well.

The view upon exiting Bogastow and entering the Charles...
Trash encountered along the way...

Guess it's all part of our new world of improbable events.  Up is down, down is up.  Lies are truths, truth is a lie.  Now we're being told the very cornerstone of our country, a free press, is our enemy.  Hope we get back to reality soon, at least in that regard. 

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