Sunday, February 26, 2017

Beyond a Thaw

With yet another day of record-breaking warmth I decided to pay the Nashua River a visit on Saturday afternoon.   I launched at the Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge (Still River Depot Rd.) in Harvard and paddled a bit in both directions.  The river was flowing at a good clip thanks to all the recently melted snow.

Things were fairly quiet until a slow-moving southbound freight train passed over the river...
  ...and seemed to take forever to move its multitude of freight cars along.  I thought about the motorists on Route 117 who would soon have their patience put to the test.  Unlike them I didn't have to wait before passing beneath the train.

Trash was plentiful with numerous items drifting downstream in mid channel.  There was more trash seen snagged than I had room onboard to carry.  Ended up with this haul chillin' its heels on one of the few remaining patches of snow...

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