Monday, June 8, 2015

A Fat and Happy Assabet

The Assabet River was found with ample water yesterday morning.  The rains of last week had flowed in from the many tributaries to bring the lower stretch of the river to an ideal level.

After launching at 7 am in the vicinity of Egg Rock and watching three power boats head upriver on the Sudbury, I chose the river less traveled and ascended the Assabet.

Here's the inscription at Egg Rock yesterday...

...compared to how it looked 11 days ago...

I like the replenished version.

While in the area of Egg Rock, some trash across the river where folks fish from shore caught my eye.  Once landed there I found beer cans, food containers, plastic bags, and fishing-related packages scattered around the site.  This is the trash pulled from this one fishing spot where they'd also had a fire...

This area is accessed via a path from Lowell Road in Concord, and is located where the Assabet and Sudbury rivers join to form the Concord River.  It's known as the Calf Pasture. Over the years there have been trash barrels here off and on.  Presently there are no barrels.  When the trash barrels were maintained here it must have been difficult for whoever had the job of servicing them, as they're a long way from the road. 
Clearly, the folks leaving this mess don't seem to understand the concept of "Carry in, Carry out". The thing that I find hard to understand is that they're not "one time" visitors and, more than likely, they'll be back to spend another enjoyable day fishing, eating, and drinking at this idyllic spot.  It's a head-scratcher for sure.
Perhaps occasional visits to the area (on weekends) by either state fish and game personnel or local police might help.

At any rate the whole mess got a nice ride upriver to Westvale and back on a perfect June morning.

The Assabet River nicely provided this perfectly-sized trash barrel... contain the day's trash haul...

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