Friday, January 13, 2012

Good Weekend to be near a Hot Stove

Listening to the wind starting to howl and seeing the temps beginning to plummet has me content to be near my hot stove for this upcoming weekend.   Some quality time will be spent perusing maps and books.  In my preparation, I came across this gem of an article which I thought others might enjoy.  It was published in the July 1956 Vermont Historical Society Journal and was written by John C. Huden of the University of Vermont.  I can't help thinking that this story would have made a great movie.  Someday, I hope to retrace the route many displaced Native Americans from New England followed to refuge in Odanak on the St. Francis River in Quebec.


BERNIE said...

A hard life back then. Harden people to. Not much for live snake hearts myself. :)

Al said...

Bernie, Agreement on all counts. Suspect the snake story may be more legend than fact, but you never know.