Monday, January 17, 2011

Greeting the Nearly-Full "Wolf Moon"

Late this afternoon, I ventured away from the comfort of my hot stove in hopes of greeting the "Wolf Moon", second of the three tough winter moons, as it climbed above the eastern horizon.  Thoughts of folks struggling to make it through a northern winter in days past came to mind.  Before calendars, each full moon served as a timepost in the seasonal circle.  This moon finds us deep in winter's grip, but we can look forward to knowing we are halfway through the toughest stretch when we say "goodbye" to it next week.  The second photo shows the "Wolf Moon" as it appeared while looking up through a grove of pines, about an hour later... 
I heard no howling and resisted any such urges! 
While any thoughts of paddling are on hold for the foreseeable future, this does make a good time of year for spreading out maps on the kitchen table and reflecting on previous years' voyages.

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Unknown said...

Why resist those urges!? :) Ava and Zoe LOVE to howl at the moon together! They enjoy doing this at all their sleepovers! We have it on video! It is beautiful and surreal! Can't wait to share this with Ava! Love, HJ