Friday, December 31, 2010

Skipper's Year End Report for 2010

This (virtual) last afternoon of 2010 saw the Boston & Maine local freight pulling out of South Acton Junction and about to cross over Fort Pond Brook on its way eastward.  The first boxcar, behind the diesel locomotive, contains the 6,453 pieces of trash recovered from various waterways over the course of the past year and it will be spotted on a siding at a trash/recycling facility in nearby Concord Junction. Isn't it amazing how fast that snow melted with today's mild temperatures?!

My Trashpaddling 2010 spreadsheet provides the following data:

Sudbury River - 39 patrols netted 3,553 pieces of trash for an average of 91 pieces per patrol.

Assabet River - 27 patrols netted 1,867 pieces of trash for an average of 69 pieces per patrol.

Concord River - 11 patrols netted 525 pieces of trash for an average of 48 pieces per patrol.

Charles River - 4 patrols netted 316 pieces of trash for an average of 79 pieces per patrol.

Ipswich River - 1 patrol netted 42 pieces of trash for an average of 42 pieces per patrol.

Blackstone Watershed - 2 patrols netted 94 pieces of trash for an average of 47 pieces per patrol.

Terrestrial patrols on Nashua River Rail Trail - 8 patrols netted 56 pieces or 7 pieces per patrol.

2010 Trash Composition:

Miscellaneous rubbish made up 48%

Recyclable (but not redeemable) containers made up 34%

Recyclable and redeemable containers made up 18%.

Vessel # 1 Status: Fair

Vessel # 2 Status: Fair

Main Engine Status: Fair but total rebuild may soon be required.

My thanks to all the folks who've supported my trashpaddling efforts and I hope 2011 is a great year for all!

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Bernie Paquette said...

Great Haul and Sense of Humor. Ck out my similiar survey of found trash in my blog entry titled: Finding hot spots, South Burlington VT Aug 2009. Also ck out my trash description field guide in my blog titled: Back To School-A field guide to Litter - Vermont edition Sept 2009.

Happy paddling.
P.S. I also like to paddle, though only quiet and calm waters.