Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cave Dispatch # 121610

Just as the Native Americans hunkered down in their lodges during the coldest, darkest, and longest nights, so too have I.  This recent blast of cold temperatures saw me tending my stove's fire and catching up on some reading in my cave's warmest corner.  The book I just finished reading was Cabal of the Westford Knight, Templars at the Newport Tower by David S. Brody and published by Martin and Lawrence Press, Groton, MA.  It's a suspense/thriller set right around these parts and involves an attempt at solving the origins of mysterious stone stuctures pre-dating Columbus.  The story had me completely captivated and I did not wish to see it end.

Meanwhile, the year-end loading of my virtual freightcar with recovered trash continues on a little-used rail spur near South Acton Junction... 
Soon, I'll be sliding that boxcar's door closed for the last time and, with a little luck, I'll get to see it being pulled from the siding by a diesel locomotive one early January day. 

Today I took 145 redeemable containers to the Town of Acton Transfer Station and donated them to the Acton Community Supper.  Only recently did I discover that this organization maintains a storage container at the Transfer Station where folks can donate redeemable aluminun cans and plastic bottles (glass bottles cannot be accepted).  In addition to the nickel deposit helping to provide hot meals for those in need, the processing of the containers provides meaningful employment for folks with handicaps.  Sounds like a win/win situation to me and from now on, all of my redeemables containers (both personal and from trashpaddling) will be donated to this organization. 


Dan F. said...

When I saw a new Trash Paddler post pop up in my RSS feed, I was expecting to hear that you'd outfitted your kayak as an icebreaker and were out there in 20 degree temps!

I finally remembered to tuck a reusable bag into my hiking gear, and this morning I brought back a first load of cans and bottles from the floodplain of the nearby conservation area. Not exactly trash paddling, but done in your honor nonetheless.

Best wishes in 2011!

Al said...

Dan F., Your terrestrial trash patrol in the floodplain is just as good as trash paddling. That stuff would've ended up in the waterways eventually.
I am honored by your actions and thank you very much. May you have a great 2011!