Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sudbury River - Kellogg St. to Fenwick St. Dam and Back

The unseen clock tower was just striking twelve noon when I launched into the Sudbury River at Kellogg Street in Framingham and began heading downstream towards the Fenwick Street Dam, pictured at left.  Trash was fairly typical until about a quarter of a mile downstream of the Central Street bridge, where I encountered the first of 3 milk jug pileups.  Each pileup consisted of about 20 flattened 1-gallon plastic milk jugs that had been contained in a large trash bag.  The first group didn't wander far from the bag and are pictured below....

Shortly after rounding up this group, I pulled into the far right extra slow lane of the Mass Pike for about a half mile of eastbound paddling.  Most cars and trucks on the pike never see this lane as it sits considerably lower than the paved lanes and allowed my passage without being charged a toll.
The second and third milk jug pileups were where the river widens a bit, upstream of the Fenwick Street Dam.  The last bag was still intact and lying just at the river's edge, all of its contents still dry.
Back at the Kellogg Street launch area the jugs formed into a pile...

Today's little heap contained 128 pieces of trash and brokedown as follows: 91 recyclable containers of which 61 were 1-gallon plastic milk jugs, 27 were non-redeemable plastic or glass containers, and 3 were redeemable cans.  The were also 37 pieces of miscellaneous rubbish such as plastic bags, styrofoam cups, etc.  YTD total stands at 5001.
Can't help but wonder how those 61 milk jugs ended up in the river.

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