Sunday, July 25, 2010

Worthless Trash or Worthy of Redemption?

This week, the fate of thousands of plastic bottles like this one hang in the balance...
The Massachusetts Legislature has before it a bill that would update the original Bottle Bill enacted in 1983.   
Under that bill the only beverage containers worthy of redemption were beer, malt, carbonated soft drinks and mineral water.  Over the ensuing 27 years the Bottle Bill has never been updated to allow for the changes in people's thirst quenching habits.
However, if the Earth should shake a bit and the updated bill is passed, redemption will be offered for non-carbonated beverage containers such as flavored and unflavored water, vitamin water, and other water beverages, tea, sport drinks, and isotonic drinks.  The proposed changes can be seen at this Sierra Club link.
So, once again, the clock is ticking on a legislative session scheduled to end on July 31.  If you care about this issue, as I do, please inform your State Representative/State Senator of your support for the updated bill, S1480.

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