Friday, June 25, 2010

Sudbury River - Little Farms Rd. to Danforth St. and Back

Despite yesterday's thunderstorms, water levels were found to be low on the Sudbury River today.  At left is the view looking upriver at the Little Farms riffle in Framingham.  Rather than launch on the upstream side, I decided to get in a little practice lining my boat.  It was actually an enjoyable experience to wade through the riffle while towing my boat upstream by its painter.
Once back onboard and settled in amidships, I trash patrolled the river up to the Danforth Street bridge...
Plenty of shady spots were found on this stretch of river and aside from the noise of an excavator working where the MWRA aqueduct passes under the river, it was quite a peaceful place to spend a few hours.
The lion's share of today's trash was plastic bags found hanging like ghostly apparitions from numerous tree branches.  When the March floodwaters receded, the bags were left behind.  Also hanging from limbs overhead were an automotive inner tube and a child's stuffed serpent.  Combining these items with some beer/soda cans, water bottles, and a traffic cone made for an eclectic assemblage on the oxbow sandbar...
Today's count was 95 pieces of trash.  Of these, 26 were recyclable containers (5 redeemable) and 69 pieces of miscellaneous rubbish.  YTD total stands at 3306.

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Dixit et Fecit said...

The trip to the WW2 Memorial took more out of me than I had expected.
I am so pleased I got a chance to go.
Today is my first day up to snuff & catching up on your blog.
I am impressed with all the tunnels, bridges, dams & mill dams you report regularly. Whereas Underwater Demolition was a Pre-Assault assignment, you do me proud with what you observe and report.