Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lower Sudbury and Upper Concord to Buttricks Hill

Once the early morning's rains had subsided, I launched into the Lower Sudbury River trash patrolling it from the S. Bridge to Egg Rock and then the Concord River down to Buttricks Hill and back. The weather improved with each passing minute and the water levels were more typical of springtime rather than July. By the time I passed under the "rude bridge that arched the flood" I had brought 22 pieces of trash onboard, as the rising waters had lifted many peices of flotsam from the river's banks. At Great Meadows Landing, I found a plastic CVS bag filled with someone's refuse hanging from the monofilament fishing line repository. How creative! Some people put more thought into finding ways to ditch their trash than it would take to just carry it out and dispose of it properly.
In the backwater before Saw Mill Brook an unusual shaped bottle of Grand Marnier Cognac was bobbing neck-up. It must have been tough for it, having to mingle with empty cans of Bud Lite! Reaching the backwater downstream of Buttricks Hill, I turned around and began a steady slog upstream against the product of our many recent rain events. A little downstream of Great Meadows Landing, and on the river's opposite side, it looked as though I could just paddle through the grass to this handsome old farmstead...

Upstream of Great Meadows Landing on river left, I observed that the 'ghost ship' had finally found a home and its painter was tied securely to a tree...
It was now equipped with a 2-piece kayak paddle and a crooked pole made from a birch limb.
The Flint's Bridge construction project showed considerable progress having been recently made. Concrete has been added at each end of the span. It looks as though the original stonework arch will be left in place.
Just upstream of the bridge, where the river begins bending to the left, I found a can of 'Glade' air freshener. Just what every river needs!
Reaching my takeout location, I landed with 52 pieces of trash. Of these, 26 were recyclable (8 redeemable) and 26 were misc. rubbish. After disembarking, they posed briefly for this group photo...

My YTD total stands at 2690. Only 6 days till the Blackburn and a taste of some salty water for a change!

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