Thursday, October 23, 2008

Concord River - Egg Rock to Balls Hill & Back

This afternoon's sunny skies and light winds made for an enjoyable paddle on the Concord River. It being a little cool at the start required having some hot cocoa onboard for the first time this season.
Heading downriver from Egg Rock, I encountered a couple of kayakers just before reaching the Old North Bridge. Trash was pretty spotty and mostly stuff that had been in the water a long time. By the time I passed the Great Meadows landing, I had accumulated a dozen empty containers. Reaching Saw Mill Brook, I recovered somebody's wheel cover from the river's east bank. No roadways anywhere near this spot. Maybe it fell off a plane?
I decided to turnaround at the beaver lodge downstream of Ball's Hill. Landed on the small beach opposite the lodge and enjoyed my cocoa in the slowly warming late afternoon sun.
The trip back upriver was into a blinding sun. Quite a few folks taking in the Old North Bridge area. Made a brief foray onshore at the Old Calf Pasture to scoop up 5 more empty containers. That brought my total for the day to 19 and YTD total to 2040.

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