Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Concord River - Egg Rock to Balls Hill & Back

Under this afternoon's cloudless blue skies, I trash patrolled the Concord River from Egg Rock to the beaver lodge downstream of Ball's Hill and back. The trees are now showing plenty of color and the river is also carrying an assortment of red and yellow floating leaves. Water level remains high and the current remains swift.
Most of the trash recovered was only available because of the high water level. In many places I was able to paddle over the tops of the bushes that line the shore.
Wildlife observed was one blue heron, several ducks, numerous painted turtles, one belted kingfisher, and one startled doe on the shore opposite Great Meadows.
It was a bit surprising to encounter only three other boats on such a beautiful afternoon.
Arrived at my takeout location with 23 empty containers bringing my YTD total to 1953.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for your cleanup work. If you find monofilament fishing line there is a recycle container riverside at the Concord NWR Impoundments.
Alan Bragg