Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Morning Patrol of Lower Assabet

Launched early this morning at 7:15 and paddled to Egg Rock, thence onto the lower Assabet River. Conditions were perfect! The top of Dodge Rock is now about 8 to 10" above the river's surface. Trash was here and there resulting in about a dozen pieces by the time I reached Spencer Brook.

In the mile of river below Route 2, I began seeing more trash stuck behind snags. After passing under Route 2, I encountered quite a heap of trash behind a snag just downstream of the Prison's wastewater outfall.

Landed behind Concord Park to stow trash below deck. 44 pieces at this point.

Upstream of Route 62, encountered some additional trash near the car wash.

Paddled under the Pine Street bridge and noted the gauge read 2.65. With construction set to begin soon on a new bridge, I'm not sure how many more times I'll be able to pass under the present structure. From what I have read, the new bridge will have 4 portals and if so, this will make paddling upstream a little easier. Turned around here and headed back downriver.

On the trip back, I saw a small doe eating new leaves on shrubs, river right about a 1/4 mile downstream of Dodge Rock. Also saw families of Canada geese with new yellow goslings.

Back at Egg Rock, I began seeing many families enjoying a canoe outing with their Moms on a beautiful Mothers Day.

Trash count for day was 48 pieces, 29 of which were recycleable. YTD total 1103.

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