Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Different Kind of Flotsam

This past Saturday, May 3rd, my daughter Heather and I sat in our kayaks facing upstream in the Concord River. The object of our attention was a small boat in the middle of the river, between us and Egg Rock. As we watched, three fellows began dumping nearly 1600 pieces of flotsam into the water!

This wasn't trash, however, but bright yellow ducks, that were beginning their race to the waiting boom finish line just upstream of the Lowell Road bridge.

We, along with many other volunteers were helping to insure that all ducks made it to the finish line and also roundup any that made a 'break for it'.

The event was the Milldam Nursery School's third annual ducky race. Besides being a fun event for all the children and adults, this year's race also raised money for the school and a donation to the Minute Man ARC.

My grandaughter Ava, a current student, and grandson John, an alumnus, cheered on their ducks from the bridge overlooking the finish line.

After the event, on the way to the take-out, we fished out a spray bottle of sunscreen and a white empty fire extinguisher from the Sudbury River. 2 pieces bringing YTD total to 1043

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