Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lower Assabet, Egg Rock to Concord Junction

On Thursday afternoon, with temperatures in the 50s and the wind finally dropping off a bit, I trash patrolled the lower Assabet River from Egg Rock to Route 62 in West Concord and back. There was not a cloud in the sky when I launched my kayak at 1 pm and began slowly working my way upstream against the current and breeze. Each trash target located and recovered provided a little respite from the river's steady flow.

By the time I reached Spencer Brook, my drybag was full and the foredeck was decorated with a colorful array of plastic and glass bottles. A little ways upstream of the Route 2 bridge, I paddled into a backwater, where after going ashore, I placed 36 pieces of trash below deck. That done, I planted my small stool and enjoyed a short break in this peaceful little cove.

After relaunching, I covered the last stretch to my turnaround point at Route 62 and began the trip downriver with 40 pieces of trash. Now, with the sky clouding up, the wind and current at my back, my boat and I were flying downstream. Put the brakes on three or four times to gather up more trash and arrived at my takeout with a 2nd load on deck. Total count for day was 54 pieces of trash, of which 27 were recleable containers. Oddly, there were 3 lightbulbs today. Two of the three bulbs were Xmas tree type bulbs. YTD total = 748

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