Sunday, May 1, 2016

Assabet Serenity

The Assabet River in Concord seemed more serene than usual on this Sunday morning.  Perhaps it was just the stillness that often precedes rain.

The drop in river level was evident at the Egg Rock inscription...
The level should soon be on the rise again with rain predicted for later today and tomorrow.

This image of a Concord resident of note looked upon the river from a granite bridge abutment...

Just as the stream keeps flowing, trash continues to float down the river...
In addition to the usual plastic and polystyrene were a Jolly Ball and a 15-gallon plastic drum.

Another summer approaching and it appears Dunkin Donuts is still dispensing free Styrofoam insulators for iced-coffee cups.  It's difficult to understand how they can justify doing so when other more environmentally-friendly options exist.

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