Saturday, August 2, 2014

On the Merrimack with NHAMCP

This morning the New Hampshire Appalachian Mountain Club Paddlers conducted a Trash Patrol on the Merrimack River in Tyngsborough, MA.  The patrol was organized and led by Denise Hurt (at left) and was one in a series of patrols held on the first Saturday of each month (May to October). 
Five paddlers (Denise, Margie, Christie, Paul, and myself) recovered trash from the area of Frost Road Park downstream to the Tyngsboro Bridge...

In just a couple of hours we recovered 55 recyclable containers and 64 pieces of miscellaneous rubbish which included an old Bradlees shopping cart, a No Parking sign, a blue tarp, and 8 Hooksett Disks.

Denise provided each participant with her recently compiled "The Trash Paddler's Life List"...

We were able to check-off a few today.  However, the Tacky Lawn Ornament still eludes this paddler. 

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