Monday, June 2, 2014

Bottle Bill Escapees

Pictured below is the litter rounded up on a 5 mile stretch of bike path today in Chelmsford...
Nine of the 10 containers pictured are not covered by our antiquated Massachusetts Bottle Bill and subsequently there's no financial incentive to discourage their being tossed to the ground.  Additionally there's no financial incentive for anyone to pick them up.
If our Bottle Bill is expanded, this little gang would have a redemption value of 50 cents as opposed to the one soda can being worth 5 cents.

There was a good article in today's Boston Globe by David Abel which detailed the ongoing efforts to expand the Bottle Bill to include placing a redemption value on non-carbonated beverage containers: Expanded bottle law could be headed for ballot

I, for one, sure hope that all concerned work to find a solution.  It's time to stop burying them in our landfills, burning them in our incinerators, and watching them float out to sea.

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