Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Nice n' Full Sudbury River

While yesterday's howling winds had subsided, today still felt more like winter than spring.  Temperatures struggled to get through the thirties. 
I launched just before noontime from the Route 20 boat launch in Wayland and paddled the nicely full Sudbury River up to the Power Lines.  By the time I passed the Greenways (photo at left) the afternoon had warmed to near 40 degrees.
Earlier I'd stopped for a hot cocoa break at Indian Point near Heard Pond.  A beaver had provided me a bench with a little nook cup-holder...

From the elevated point I could see that Heard Pond was still iced over in places...

Wood ducks, mergansers, mallards, and Canada geese were seen in good numbers.  Numerous red-winged blackbirds and robins were also seen.  No blue herons yet.

With today's high water levels, trash not usually accessible could be reached and recovered resulting in a fairly good-sized haul...
There were 92 recyclable containers (12 redeemable) and 62 pieces of miscellaneous rubbish.  Worth noting were 40 single-serve 16-ounce plastic water bottles.  All of this in just a 3.5 miles stretch of the river.  YTD = 729

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