Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bird Island Challenge 2010 - Buzzards Bay

After participating in this morning's Bird Island Challenge, I think Jimmy Buffett might reconsider the lyrics of his otherwise great song Volcano.  In the song he sings of being forced into flight by a tropical island's volcano and speculating as to where he doesn't wish to land..."Don't want to land in no San Diego, don't want to land in no Buzzard's Bay".  What I know is that Buzzards Bay was looking spectacular today, and the paddle out to Bird Island and back was a memorable one!
Participants in this year's Bird Island Challenge enjoyed paddling or rowing into a refreshing breeze for the outbound trip and then having that same breeze as a tailwind for the journey back to Wareham. 
No trash was seen today but 2 ospreys were on a platform near Sippican Neck, and Bird Island was occupied by a loud and raucous bunch of terns.  Cromeset Point chipped in with a group of American oystercatchers, a bird I'd never seen before today.
This was the 8th edition of the Bird Island Challenge and each year it has grown.   Event organizers explain: "This event benefits the financial aid program at the YMCA.  The Gleason Family YMCA's mission is to provide memberships, camp and programs to those who simply cannot pay for the YMCA experience.  The Bird Island Challenge is a big part of that mission."  Participants had 3 turnaround points to choose from: Long Beach, Great Hill, or Bird Island.
Numerous sponsors donated materials and services.  The opening photo shows boats awaiting their captains at Zecco Marina in Wareham.  Their very nice marine facilities were made available to participants.
So, while I don't know where I'm going to go when the volcano blow, Buzzards Bay would suit me just fine!

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