Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Assabet River - Egg Rock to Rt.2 and Return

Trash paddled the lower mile of the Sudbury River and the Assabet River from Egg Rock to Rt. 2 and back this afternoon. I arrived at Egg Rock with 5 empty containers recovered from the last mile of the Sudbury River. A hawk watched over my doings from a tree near the town DPW yard. Near Willow Island, I surprised a beaver who was busy gnawing on some riverbank tree roots. He was half in the water and half out. His fur coat seemed to be floating out to the sides of his body. We were eyeball to eyeball, about 15 feet from each other. He waited till I moved away a bit before giving the water a tail slap. Lots of freshly chewed roots all around the area attested to just how busy this beaver has been.
Further upriver, behind the Best Western, I unintentionally flushed out a small deer that ran along the river bank for 25 yards before disappearing into the elephant grass (aka phragmites).
Turned around at the backwater a little upstream of Rt. 2 and began heading downriver. By the time I got to Egg Rock there were 18 pieces of trash on board. Stopped at Egg Rock for a 'mug-up' of cocoa and watched the 'beaver full moon' rise in the eastern sky. Just as the sun had set in a hazy sky, the moon was now casting its light through the haze and the effect was quite beautiful.
By the time I reached my takeout location, the moon had risen much higher in the sky. My trash count was 18 bringing my YTD total to 2300.

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