Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back on the mighty Assabet River

Today, between thunderstorms, I returned to patrolling the Assabet River from Egg Rock to Concord Junction and return. It was my first paddle since transitioning from the salt waters of Cape Ann back through the Lake Cochituate. Paddled the Middle and southern most Lakes on 7/17 and picked up a meager 3 pieces of trash.
I had been looking forward to a sunrise paddle on the Sudbury River with my daughter, HJ but a nasty thunderstorm at the unusual time of 4:15 am, put the kibosh on that plan. After checking the radar, I managed to squeeze in a 3 hour paddle on the Assabet.
Today's Assabet was nearly full with run-off from a week's worth of thunderstorms. The current was impressive. Most of the usual obstacles were submerged. Only about 4" of Dodge Rock was above the water's surface. Between Egg Rock and Route 2, I collected 14 empty containers. My deck was decorated with an eclectic assortment that included a potatoe chip bag, plastic water and juice bottles, beer cans, an empty bait tub, grocery store plastic bags, a champagne bottle, some monofilament fishing line, and a 'Limited Edition' Budweiser Red Sox 07 World Series beer container. This may be why the Red Sox have been playing so badly. This special container should be on a shelf and not just barely holding its neck above water. Hopefully, their play will now improve.
At any rate, I was stopped by a downed tree between the commuter rail bridge and Route 62 in Concord Junction. Turned around and headed back downriver noting the full growth of purple loosestrife and cardinal flowers. Lots of folks paddling on the Assabet today. Will end this post now as another T-storm is impending.
Trash count to date = 1413

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