Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Heath's Bridge Area Coughs Up More Trash

A perfect afternoon for a Trash Patrol from the lower Sudbury River to Lee's Bridge and back. The flood conditions keep floating more trash out of the bushes along the shore. Recovered another 47 containers and had them stored below deck before passing under the Sudbury Road bridge (Heath's Bridge). Upon reaching Fairhaven Bay, it was clear paddling across and up to Lee's Bridge. Only a few areas of ice in the shadiest and shallowest coves.
The new version of the 1790 Lee's bridge is complete and this is the first time I saw cars driving over it. The new bridge has ample clearance, even in such high water, whereas the temporary bridge required just a little leaning forward to insure no head to 'I' beam contact.
Heading back downriver, I encountered another runaway boat. This one is a 'WaterTender 9.4' and is located about 1/2 mile below Lee's Bridge on the river right.
Wildlife observed today were several red tailed hawks, one mink, some common mergansers, wood ducks, Canada geese, and some red winged blackbirds.
By the time I reached my takeout spot, my trash total had reached 62 for the day. YTD = 442

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